Vincent Hoffmans


I started playing tennis when I was young, and never stopped loving the game. 

After my graduation from International Development Studies, I worked in the agricultural sector of West-Africa and travelled the region extensively. It was there that I saw not only how unequal opportunities are in our world, but more importantly, how energetic, ambitious and entrepreneurial the people were that I met. 

Vincent Hoffmans Tennis
Vincent Hoffmans
Vincent Hoffmans Thirty Love
Sophie van der Horst

I am convinced that sports play an essential role in the development of people, regardless of age, gender or background. Practising sports is healthy, it teaches discipline, and most of all it is incredibly fun to do!

Although I can be an absolute hothead on the court myself, it also is the place where I learned more about myself than anywhere else. Tennis is such a challenging, joyful, and disciplining sport, that it would mean the world to me if, through the Thirty Love Foundation, people across the world could feel the same love for this beautiful sport.