Playing tennis should be accessible to everyone

Our values

We believe everybody should be able to enjoy playing sports

Read more about our values and how we’re trying to pursuit our mission together.


Playing tennis is something you do Together. Connection is one of our four core values, and one of the driving factors behind our cause.


Everybody should be able to Play sports and experience the joy that comes with it. Especially children, no matter where they're from, have the right to enjoy themselves and simply have fun.


Practicing tennis doesn't only help you develop your on-court skills, but gets you Ahead in a great number of areas in life, such as health benefits and social skills (to name a few).


We believe in doing the Right thing. That's why we're on a mission to make playing tennis accessible in developing countries like Ghana, Uganda, & Kenia.

Thirty Love Foundation

Our mission

Make Playing Tennis Accessible

Playing tennis offers health benefits, joy, and development opportunities. We believe everybody should be able to enjoy the sport we personally all love.


Frequently Asked Questions

Momentarily the board members of the the foundation are initiating the organization of the first promotional activities, which will have the goal of collecting donations and tennis materials. The first events are scheduled to take place in 2024, which will be fundraiser tennis tournaments. 

The Thirty Love Foundation is the non-profit organization with the goal of making tennis accessible in regions where the sport is out of reach for many. The Thirty Love Academy is the provider of educational courses and resources for tennis coaches, players, and parents. Learn more about the Academy here.

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